Meet Orla & Her Cat Otis

Orla & Otis’ first adventure, Lost & Found, is about finding and nurturing your imagination.

Orla & Otis have something very special to show you until Orla realizes it is lost. Help them find what is missing but is never truly lost.

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“Orla and Otis is stunning.  The packaging, the bookmark, the book itself.  Everything about it screams to be read.  I can’t wait to share it with my kiddos during the Holidays.” – Rachel Mele, Mom & President, Metinteractive

Lost & Found comes complete with an Imagination Guide with questions and fun tasks to help children of all ages find, ignite, and nurture their imaginations!

Orla & Otis author Megan Shaughnessy sat down and chatted with Coral Ortiz from the New Haven Independent.

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